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Why have we nominated Sadro Usman for the Carl Jadunnandan award?

As we know the taboo and discrimination around inmates makes it difficult for humanitarian responses to their needs to reintegrate. Sadro Usman is one of those people who goes out of his way to help the lesser fortunate and in our case he has walked the talk in helping inmates and their families over the years.

So Anela the mother of Carl was excited when we nominated Sadro for the humanitarian award at the One Love Gala.

She said isn't he the person that also sends the death announcements through his interfaith deeds newsletter and does feed the homeless downtown? So a stalwart deserves this award and we are grateful for him and his family and the Brampton Islamic Center where he serves for the ongoing support!

Recently Sadro and myself were at the airport to see off a deported inmate and console the tearful family left behind and it was heart breaking but Sadro was there and that was comforting!

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