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Why Yusuf Faqiri is chosen for the Malcolm X Award this year?

Malcolm X is a powerful icon of social justice, and given that we are in February, we are reminded that he died for a just cause—to end racism.

Given the Islamophobia and racism Yusuf Faqiri’s little brother, Solieman Faqiri, faced while incarcerated, and Yusuf's steadfast efforts to draw attention to this injustice—#Justice4Soli—we think it is befitting to award Yusuf Faqiri this year's Malcolm X award at the 6th Annual One Love Gala.

Our whole idea behind this event and the awards and publicity is to draw attention the work chaplains and volunteers do with the incarcerated.

This morning’s news flash was the following anniversary article this tragic incident that befell Solieman Faqiri.

Congratulations to Yusuf Faqiri, and we extend our sympathies to his beautiful family, still grieving.

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