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Yusra Khogali for Malcolm X Award for Social Justice!

Yusra Khogali

This year, as we hit the 5-year anniversary of the One Love Gala against the backdrop of the celebration 150 years of Canada united as one, we are pleased announce the third recipient of our annual Malcolm X Award for Social Justice.

Yusra Khogali is a black feminist artist, educator and activist, completing her masters degree in Social Justice education at UofT OISE. She is one of the co-founders of the Black Liberation Collective Canada movement through its founding chapter at UofT challenging anti-black racism in education and the Black Lives Matter Canada movement through its founding chapter in Toronto challenging anti-black racism in the Canadian State and globally.

The Malcolm X Award for Social Justice was started two years ago to honor Canadians fighting for Social Justice. The first recipient was Imam Yasin Dwyer for his years ensuring that persons of the Black Community were reasonably accommodated while incarcerated. Last year's recipient was Imam AbdurRashid Taylor, one of the first Muslim Chaplains in Canada, for his outstanding service in reintegrating inmates back into society.


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