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Imran was always an Ally of Ghulam and hence the Ghulam Sajan Award!

At the right is Imran Ally and on the left isFaisal Asem at the Assalam School Gala in Montreal April 2016

What a gentleman and knowledgeable individual! Imran hails from Guyana and after studying in Libya has served the Muslims in Toronto for more than fifteen years at the iconic TARIC Center!

Imam Imran Ally (Abu Musa) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies from the Islamic Call University, Tripoli, Libya in 1998. He was invited by the TARIC Islamic Centre in Toronto Canada in mid-2000 and continues to serve as the Imam and Scholar in residence.

Among his many accomplishments and achievements is his community engagement which allows him to proudly serve as:

a) Chaplain (Muslim) – Peel Regional Police (third largest police service in Canada)

b) Chaplain (Muslim) – Humber River Hospital (first digital hospital in North America)

c) Member – Board of Directors, Canadian Multi-faith Federation

d) Member – National Advisory Board, Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities

Imam Ally promotes a balanced approach to faith that encourages community service, interfaith dialogue, and social justice for which he has received numerous accolades.

He and his wife enjoy a happy marriage and they are blessed with three handsome young sons.

Ghulam Sajan was outstanding figure that joined the Sunni and Shia communities seamlessly with his warmth and tireless efforts. Shaikh Imran and the late Ghulam bhai hosted a joint Milad at TARIC for years!

When Fatima Sajan recently announced the birth of her son and named him after Ghulam Sajan Abbas I felt the exhilarating joy of the rebirth of energy and wisdom in a child whose life will emulate far more than the never ending generosity and deep courage our friend and colleague Ghulam stood for.

Imam Hussain, may Allah be pleased with him and send his blessings on his household rightly said that 'our enemy is the enemy of my grandfather, Muhammad'. On whom be peace!

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